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Developing Reproducible, High-Throughput & Cost-Effective Assays & Screens to Identify Novel E3 Ligases & Disease-Causing Proteins to Accelerate PROTAC, Molecular Glue & Next-Generation Degrader R&D

2nd TPD Assay Development & Screening Summit

Uniting Technical Personnel to Maximize Assay Workflows for Next Generation Protein Degraders

Bringing together technical case studies with actionable insights, the 2nd TPD Assay Development & Screening Summit returned as the first and only industry-dedicated conference to support in-house assay development and screening strategies to find new targets, uncover novel ligands, unravel the MOA, progress beyond CRBN and VHL, improve high throughput methods and progress from early discovery to drug candidate with scalable compounds.

With promise shown using technologies like DELs, CryoEM and HDX-MS, join us as we took a deep dive into the persisting challenges holding back the progression of candidates into pre-clinical studies by exploring the best methodologies at your disposal across AI/ML guided structure-based drug design, proteomics-led, or cell-based assay approaches.

2023 United Targeted Protein Degradation Experts to:

  • Showcase novel assays and workflows for identifying lesser known E3 ligases and novel ligands in an efficient, high throughput and rational manner
  • Unravel mysteries in the mode of action of some more established ligases, their targets, and how PROTAC compounds modulate these
  • Harness the latest ternary complex measuring approaches to acquire deeper understanding of your degrader and why degradation may not be occurring
  • Turbocharge your discovery workflow by identifying potential degraders rapidly with broad spectrum and more specific proteomics methodologies
  • Leverage structure-based drug design in tandem with computational and machine learning methods to achieve targeted protein degradation faster

2023 TPD Expert Speakers Included:

What's You Missed in 2023?

Introducing brand new content from 10+ New Companies to the Speaker Faculty including: Pfizer, Janssen, Entact Bio, A-Alpha Bio, NeoX Biotech, Lyertian Therapeutics, Foghorn Therapeutics, Orionis Biosciences, Structural Genomics Consortium, Baylor College of Medicine

A proteomics and genomics workshop to reveal methods for narrowing down targets and ligands quickly to accelerate target discovery

A renewed focus on cell-based assays and screening dedicated to revealing methodologies for rational molecular glue discovery and design including DEL, binding modes of zinc fingers, and biophysical insights for MGD optimization

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