Pre-Conference Workshops
Tuesday December 6, 2022


10:00 - 12:30

Biochemical & Genetic Approaches to Identify Protein Degraders

Different unbiased cell-based screening assays for the identification of Workshop Leaders: protein degraders offer predictable advantages and disadvantages based on assay design. For example, loss of signal “negative selection” assays exhibit poor signal-to-noise ratios, narrow dynamic ranges, and false positives. In contrast, gain of signal “positive selection” assays show better signal-to-noise ratios and less false positives but can suffer from “assay positives” based on the design of the assay and false negatives. This workshop will examine the various unbiased cell-based screening assays for the discovery of protein degraders highlighting the advantages and limitations of each. This will include both assays used for small molecule screens and genetic screens.

Join us to discuss:
• How to choose the best assay for the identification of protein degraders
• What are the emerging biochemical assays for the identification of protein degraders
• Understanding the roadmap for utilitizing genetic assays for degrader identification

Workshop Leaders:

06.19.2019 - Matthew Oser, MD, PhD. Staff Portraits 6.2019. Photo by Sam Ogden.

Matthew Oser
Assistant Professor of Medicine
Harvard Medical School

Vidyasagar Koduri 2

Vidyasagar Koduri
Dana-Farber Cancer Institute

12:30 Networking Break & Refreshments


13:30 - 16:00

Establishing a Framework to Develop Robust Screening
Strategies to Assess Target Validation

Understanding a framework that allows you to effectively make sure that you are staying on target and the phenotype that is being modulated is coming from the molecule being used is critical to expedite degrader

Join this workshop to discuss:
• How to build a roadmap to set up for success
• The physicochemistry and intrinsically complex pharmacology of PROTACs
present development challenges and can slow progression
• What questions are important and when do you ask them to drive a program forward?
• How to improve reproducibility of assays
• How to determine if your assay is robust?
• How to select the best screening path for your target
• How and when to evaluate selectivity in your screening cascade

Workshop Leader

Breanna Zerfas. Photo by Sam Ogden.

Breanna Zerfas
Dana-Farber Cancer Institute

End of Pre-Conference Workshop Day